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'From Paper to Porcelain'

'From Paper to Porcelain'

Art is meant to bring a FEELING to life and keep it present in your heart as you go about your day-to-day.

Every time I walk into my home and see our personalised Porcelain pieces on the wall, I feel loved. I feel blessed.

I believe that your favourite things in the world that are probably hidden away in a storage box deserve to decorate your home, so you can enjoy them every day.

♡ Appreciate all the little things, for these are really the big things ♡

These 'Paper to Porcelain' keepsakes recreate your little ones creations, forever in Porcelain. Attention to detail is so important, as your precious memories deserve the highest quality and attention.


(Two frame sizes available - tile will be sized according to frame size)


Approx 2 -3 weeks for dispatch. However, if needed sooner, just contact me, and I will try to prioritise if possible.

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