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'If I must Die...'  Words in Porcelain

'If I must Die...' Words in Porcelain

An excerpt of the most poignant words which are known worldwide, written by Palesrinian Poet Refaat Alareer (RIP), forever immortalised in Porcelain.

€50 from each sale of this artwork will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors Without Borders)

MSF specialises in delivering immediate and impartial medical care to individuals confronted by conflicts and crises. The organisation’s humanitarian commitment is evident through its emphasis on addressing the most critical medical needs in challenging and high-risk environments. MSF has been actively operating in Gaza and the West Bank for two decades, focusing on regions where the health systems face significant challenges.

Framed in 10x15cm white wooden frame

Next batch will be posted in August

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