'Lakeisle of Innisfree' WB Yeats

'Lakeisle of Innisfree' WB Yeats

'Words in Porcelain' 

'The Lake Isle of Innisfree'  by W.B. Yeats - Renowned Irish Poet (written in 1888)

This beautiful poem is about a place near the West coast of Ireland, the Lake Isle of Innisfree, which is a very small, uninhabited island on the lake Lough Gill in County Sligo. The poem describes the isle as a much longed for place of peace and natural beauty, a quite place where the poet feels most grounded. 


Materials - Ming Porcelain

Process - Raw Porcelain is rolled to create the tile, each letter is hand imprinted into the clay, which is then fired in the potter's kiln at 1290 degrees celsius, making it solid to withstand all elements. The art tile is then mounted onto a white wooden frame (20cm x 25cm approx) , with any inscription you would like written under the tile, otherwise this will be left blank. 

*Please note that I make bespoke Porcelain Art with any words that you may want. Anything is a possibility, just message me to enquire.


    Shipping will be provided via Irish Postal System - An Post.


    I use Standard Post, but if you would like to Ship by registered post please do let me know.