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World Mental Health Day 2023

It's 'World Mental Health Day' and I have been thinking about what words to post.

This is a piece that was made at one of my recent workshops, and upon reading the words that night, it sent me back to when I was in my own darkness. It spoke to me and the words have not left me since.

And so I think it's only apt to share them today with you.

I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression after my first child. I wasn't diagnosed properly for over a year, by which time meant healing was going to be a harder journey. And it was!

But looking back, it was the people in my life who sat with me, who listened to me, who gave me their time, who were there for the highs and the lows, that I will be forever grateful to.

I know that if you have never walked down that dark road of depression, you will never really understand what it is like to go though. But for those who stand by regardless and are a positive force in your life at the time, they are the ones to hold onto, they are the keepers!

Be that person in someone's life! Be the true friend! Be the keeper!

And for anyone who is going through their own darkness right now, know that there is a light. It may not seem like that at times, but it will shine through eventually. Believe me.

'A true friend is someone that knows the song of your soul and sings it back to you when you have forgotten the words'

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