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A little insight into the World of OrlaO

I'm Orla from Orla O Visual Art. The creator of 'Words in Porcelain ' and other ceramic frivolities. I'm a Cork onion...(that was to read Corkonion.... But now I feel the need to leave it as Cork onion)...

I recently moved back from Dublin, where I lived for approx. 10 years, and here is where I have lunged, gung ho, into my creative world, setting up studio in the old hen house (or as I like to call it, my 'Palais du Poulet') on the family farm in North Cork.

I'm a mum to a 2 year old toddler boy called Jonah, and I absolutely love the fact that he is living out my childhood now on the farm I grew up in. Since having Jonah , I have turned my world upside down (in the best way possible) to do what I have always wanted to do, and feel like I am living my dream.

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