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☘ Happy St. Patrick's Day ☘

These wee shamrocks crept into my studio today and made their mark everywhere.

I am an artist. But more than that I am an Irish Artist. I am proud in saying that today and every day.

For such a small country, we are known worldwide for our cultural talents in song, art and literature. It is engrained in our national identity.

Culture and creativity are the greatest assets of any society and I am very proud to think that Irelands creative culture is booming, and Irish artistic talents are being highly recognised and commended both at home and abroad.

The world is, today, celebrating everything Irish, and this is humbling. Humbling to think that Ireland and Irish people have made such an impression across the seas.

I'm proud to be part of the artistic community of Ireland, and to have my art sold globally because it is 'Irish'. I get told many stories from clients about their proud Irish heritage, and about their travels to Ireland. These stories are all told with a fondness. A fondness which is so endearing to hear. ☘

🇮🇪 Happy St. Patrick's Day 🇮🇪

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