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Schools out for the summer

Schools out for the Summer !

It's been an emotional rollercoaster of a year for schooling. Jonah started out his first school year during the pandemic, with unknowns at every corner. I remember going into the classroom with him that first morning, wearing masks, quick hugs, and having to exit quickly to let them to it.

There were tears! (Mine 😂)

The year was mixed with long breaks at home, school zooms and plenty of home schooling. Wasn't ideal, but I kept telling myself, it was all that they knew, and it could only get better for them. That for next year, they might get to have windows closed in school, that they might have a school tour, that they might not be sitting in their pods. That they might have a full year in the classroom and not at home.

I can only imagine what it was like for the teachers. Those willingly on the Frontline every day, who went to work not knowing what to expect, entertaining and consoling our little ones while both in the classroom, and from their own homes via video and zoom while being home schooled. They kept their spirits high and were challenged to complete the school year, despite all what was thrown at them outside of their control.

We entrust our smallies to you and you are like a step in parent to them. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🥰

"For all your patience day to day...for every tear you wipe away. For little hands you gently hold, and all the stories you have told. For your consoling tender heart, and all the wisdom you impart. For silly songs and quiet times, for giggles and nursery rhymes.

For teaching children how to share, for being kind and being fair. For every shoe that you have tied, and thoughtful words that instill pride. For all the sweet things that you do, to teach the children all year through.

For being there in place of me, I'm grateful, and I'll always be 🤗🙏 "

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