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✨ A unique creation ✨ 

"create your own visual style...let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others" Orson Welles

When I started out on my artistic career, people said 'oh it will be tough. You will need something terribly unique to set you apart.'

Well I'm so glad to say I've achieved that 'uniqueness' with my 'Words in Porcelain' offering. A raw, rough and yet sentimental offering which is visually identifiable to others.

I have been told on a number of occasions now, by friends and customers, that upon visiting people's houses, that they are recognising 'Orla O' s pieces hanging on their walls. This is such a great testimony to my work to date, and I love hearing this. I am so grateful that my art has an identifiable uniqueness and that I have created this unique piece that is recognisable as mine.

Orla O ✨

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