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"I treasure the way my life has turned out" 

It' so true that through the darkness comes the light. From my own experience, that light is a new way of seeing and living life.

Before I got pregnant over four years ago, I was involved in a horrible incident where, while renting in Dublin, a glass shower door crashed to pieces on top of me while showering. I never sought counselling after this as I didn't want to talk about it. I carried the trauma with me, which fed into me suffering from Post Natal Depression post baby.

This severe debilitating PND brought me into a blinding darkness. One where I couldn't see a light. But thankfully with counselling and medical support, I was able to recognise me again. I was stronger and more attune to what was a priority in life. I was able to say no to situations that were not for me, to stay away from negativity and to follow the people and things that fed my soul! To get out of the darkness took a lot of time, patience and perseverence. It was like learning to live again. But I came out the other end eventually, with a big beaming light shining on me.

I changed my path in life and reprioritised my entire being, with no regrets. And I'm so delighted to say that 'I treasure the way my life has turned out'.

Images from @Irishexaminer article, and thank you to @aileenlee for getting this out there!

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